US Route 98 (US 98) is an east-west route United States highway that runs 200 miles from the Florida Bay to the Newport Shoreway.

Route Description Edit

US 98

U.S. 98 in Morseville

US 98 arrives into Morseville with the Miami-Forester Bridge which spans the Florida Bay. It arrives to Pacifica, then runs right through the everglades. It go through Tuttletown, planned by a Dev-Rio Clan official, ErikFAILS, intersecting MV 49. It heads east to Forester, where it heads into the city from the interchange where Interstate 99 and MV 1 begins then east towards the shore, where MV 1 exit the concurrency with I-399 and US 98 by going off the interchange and head north. I-399 and US 98 then head east to terminate at the Newport Shoreway.

Major Intersections Edit

County Location mi km Exit Destiantions Notes
Thornberry Tuttletown - MV 49
Pike Forester 1 Interstate 99 & MV 1 - Waynesboro
MV 3 & MV 309 - Zephyrion
Interstate 99 & Interstate 399 Western end of concurrency with I-399
1 MV 1 - Waynesboro East end of MV 1 concurrency
Newport Shoreway Eastern Terminus

Eastern end of concurrency with I-399