US Route 90 (US 90) is an east-west US Highway that runs from the state line over the Florida Bay to ABRio Island.

US 90 Shield (MV)

US 90 Shield used across the state.

Route Description Edit

State Line to Quièvrecourt Edit

US 90 crosses the Florida Bay into Morseville heading east among generally flat terrain to Quièvrecourt. US 90 Crosses I-10 to reach downtown Quièvrecourt.

Quièvrecourt to Duckwater Edit

After leaving Quièvrecourt Metro Area, it heads northeast, crossing I-10. Once it enters the Morseville Everglades, it separated further away from I-10 to reach the town of Duckwater on the edge of the Morseville Alps.

Duckwater to ABRio Island Edit

From Duckwater, US 90 goes thru the Morseville Western Alps and then the Morseville Desert, having a major intersection with MV-165. US 90 starts heading east and then dips south in the Morseville Eastern Alps to bypass Tazewell C.H. and go through Franzburg. US 90 from Chandler runs more parallel to Interstate 10 to ABRio Island. US 90 starts a concurrency with MV 5 in Chandler, then US 90 has an interchange with MV-43 and goes over MV-710 (Mecklenburg Turnpike) before leaving Lowlands County. Once it enters Trois Island County, it curves it's way to Martin which MV 5 heads south from US 90, a northernly exclave of Alexandria, and northwestern Sander City before ending at US 13 in Sander City.

Major Intersections Edit

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Lowlands Chandler MV 5 & MV 7 West end of the MV 5 Concurrency.
Sander City MV 43/Future Interstate 97

- Tazewell Courthouse

MV 710

- Tazewell Courthouse,

Sander City

Trois Island US 90 ALT

- Sander City

MV 710

- Sander City,

Tazewell Courthouse

MV 699 - Sander City,
Martin MV 5 - Read's Corner East end of the MV 5 Concurrency.
Valley Township Via Militaria
Alexandria MV 3

- Sander City,


Sander City Township Line Road

-To Interstate 99

US 13 & MV 1

- Downtown,


Gallery Edit

US 90 at Franzburg

U.S. Route 90 (Tazewell Portage Road) in Franzburg, which is now Chandler.