Trois Island County is the second county to get established by Morseville in 1797, after Vista County.

History Edit

Trois Island dates back to when Alexandria was first founded in the 11th century. The British arrived in the county by 1709, when Sander City as originally established.

Demographics Edit

Historical Population
Census Population Change in Percentage
1800 4,836
1810 5,986
1820 8,934
1830 12,453
1840 19,435
1850 39,563
1860 51,354
1870 79,453
1880 105,345
1890 203,557
1900 304,533
1910 406,595
1920 506,583
1930 520,432
1940 535,348
1950 984,587
1960 1,108,632
1970 1,148,643
1980 1,425,243
1990 1,747,643
2000 1,904,332
2010 2,085,567
Est. 2018 2,153,453

Geography Edit

Bodies of Water Edit

  • Thorn River
  • Snyder River - Tributary of Thorn River

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Transportation Edit

Current Major Highways Edit

  • Interstate 2: Runs east-west through al-Wadi al-Jamil and ends east of it.
  • Interstate 10: Runs east-west through Sander City and ABRio Island. This connects Jacksonville and Sander City with Los Angeles.
  • Interstate 99: Runs north-south through Airport Park, Midtown and Downtown, and Northside.
  • US 13: Runs north-south from Aemilianopolis down towards Morseville Beach
  • US 90: Runs east-west in the northern part of Sander City, Valley and Davidson Townships.
  • US 421: Runs northwest-southeast from Northside, Sander City to Tazewell County where it's under construction.
  • MV 1: Goes through Sander City and Novorossiya, bypassing Winchester
  • MV 2: Goes through Webster, then Alexandria and Sander City
  • MV 3: Goes through Sander City near the airport and Alexandria.
  • MV 4: Goes through Sander City and Alexandria
  • MV 5: Goes through Martin and between Webster and Blue Sulphur Springs, connecting Jackson County to the southwest.
  • MV 6: Goes through Alexandria and heads on Southwest Blvd into King City, Calhoun and into Jackson County towards Read's Corner. Interstate 199 is proposed to be signed along this route as a freeway.
  • MV 7: Goes from Calhoun and going northwest to connect to Weissbritzingen and Chandler.
  • MV-12: Runs along the coast and coastal islands such as ABRio Island.
  • MV-710: Also known as the Mecklenburg Turnpike, it's eastern terminus at MV-2 at the east coast.
  • MV 761: Runs north-south through the Pfalzburg Neighborhood in Sander City and Shamblewick.

County Roads Edit

  • CR 754: Conncting King City to Martinville

Former Major Highways Edit

  • Interstate 199: Looped Sander City to the west, now mostly taken over by US 13.
  • Interstate 799: Linked I-99/I-10 to Sander Beach Access Road until I-99 took over with the Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway

Future Major Highways Edit

  • Interstate 199: Southwest Freeway from Smyth Elevated Freeway all the way to Read's Corner

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Government Edit

Elected Officials Edit

  • County Executive: ???
  • Prosecuting Attorney: ???
  • Sheriff: ???
  • County Clerk: ???
  • County Treasurer: ???
  • Register of Deeds: ???
  • Trois Island County Commission: ???
  • Circuit Court: ???
  • Probate Court: ???

Corrections Edit

The Sander City Maximum Security Prison is located in Davidson Township, around 6 miles west of downtown Sander City, on U.S. 90 (Fort Harris Blvd).

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Trois Island County is located in Morseville's 1st congressional district.

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  • Winchester

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