Sander City or just Sander is a city founded in 1711. Sander City is the second oldest city found in Trois Island County, in Morseville with a population of 1,505,305 people in the city itself. It is booming with businesses, housing, forestry and tourism. It was the capital from 1995 to 2016. In February 2016, the capital moves back to Fort Haggenboro. Currently, the city and the metropolitan area is rapidly expanding, especially, extending into Lowlands County and eventually Jackson County.

History of Sander City Edit

Early History Edit

Around 1690, Fort Sanderson and Read's Corner was fought in a battle against the native tribes. In 1705, Sander City was planned out and settled. The area where Sander City is going to be built is flat, fertile, hot, and good for timber. In 1709, Queen Anne have set sail to where the area is at. In 1710, they arrived and started building Sander City. Starting with a post office, hotel, restaurant, tavern, blacksmiths, and a bakery. Then Morseville got it's independence in 1778. Since 1810, it remained as the most "populated city in Morseville". From 1820 to 1850, Sander City was known for mining and cotton growing.

Civil War Edit

There was a war in Sander City as well in Applewood, Fort Haggenboro, Viewport, Tuson, Marcville, and Martin during the Civil War. Sander City was used as not only as a base, but a storage center used by the Confederacy. Sander City was razed in the ground in 1864 by Union Forces.

Post-Civil War Edit

After the Morseville Civil War, Sander City quickly rebuilt. Sander City became a major stop for transportation to Quièvrecourt, Applewood, Fort Haggenboro, Forester, and more destinations across Morseville. The city also have become a major industrial city by 1870. In 1903, Blue Valley separated from Sander City, meanwhile Sander City buried Olde Alexandria to prevent Ligurians from raising pitchforks.

Recent History Edit

Today, the city has a large Angrybirdsrio presence in the city. As of 2018 however, some of the population is shifting 100 miles south to Forester. However, two Angrybirdsrio Factory locations are present in the city as of January 11, 2019. This city is the one of the most Anti-Online Dater city in the state, with 97% of the citizens hating OD'ers, the other 3% are just neutral about them.

Demographics Edit

Historical Population
Census Population Change in Percentage
1790 3,954 --
1800 4,194 +6.1%
1810 5,732 +36.7%
1820 7,998 +39.5%
1830 9,984 +24.8%
1840 12,906 +29.3%
1850 29,593 +129.3%
1860 42,496 +43.6%
1870 58,329 +37.3%
1880 70,328
1890 93,601
1900 113,597
1910 143,068
1920 205,703
1930 234,748
1940 264,300
1950 592,205 +124.1%
1960 853,065
1970 1,003,547
1980 1,174,690
1990 1,329,439
2010 1,404,346
2010 1,487,436
Est. 2019 1,505,305

Geography Edit

Metropolitan Area Edit

Sander City is the central of the Seven County Metropolitan Area. According to the Morseville Census Bureau, it includes Currituck, Jackson, Liguria, Lowlands, Mosquito, Tazewell and Trois Island Counties.

Climate Edit

Sander City has a humid subtropical climate, with mild winters and hot summers.

Climate for Sander-Alexandria International Airport, Morseville
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high °F (°C)

























Average low °F (°C)

























Elevation Edit

Elevation of Sander City is anywhere between 13 and 54 studs above sea level.

Cityscape Edit

Architecture Edit

Sander City currently has a hockey team, the Sander City Frontiers. The team's arena is named Bloxy Cola Center, which was named after Bloxy Cola Brands, which is headquartered in Applewood, after moving from Sander City.

Neighborhoods Edit

Further Information: Neighborhoods in Sander City

Sander City has a few neighborhoods existing so far. Downtown and Southern Midtown are the most populated so far. The newest neighborhood is the Jupiter Woods neighborhood which was established in 2017 after taking land from invaded Valley Township from the Online Daters (OD'ers).

Adjacent Communities Edit

  • Alexandria (West)
  • Blue Valley (West)
  • Chandler (West)
  • Oceanview (Southeast)
  • Novorossiya (South)
  • King City (Southwest)
  • Angrinopolis (North & East)
  • Jupiter Springs (North, West, East & South)
  • ABRio (East)
  • Shamblewick (South)

Government Edit

Sander City is situated in Morseville's 1st congressional district, which includes Trois Island, Currituck, Jackson, and Tazewell counties.

Corrections Edit

Sander City has a maximum security prison, 6 miles west of downtown Sander City.

Education Edit

Sander City is home the newly opened, Angrybirdsria Elementary School, which is a part of the Sander City Public Schools (SCPS) district.

Colleges & Universities Edit

There would be at least one or two colleges planned. Here are the following that may be included:

  • University of Morseville-Sander
  • Trois State University
  • University of Sander

Primary and Secondary Schools (K-12) Edit

Sander City Public Schools (SCPS) has been established. Here are the lists of schools that may be or already included:

  • Sander City High School
  • Sander City Middle School
  • Angrybirdsria Elementary School (Opened)
  • Camden Park Elementary School
  • Star Tannery Elementary School
  • Dixon Elementary School

Transportation Edit

Airport Edit

An airport south of Alexandria, named Sander-Alexandria International Airport (SND), is one of the busiest airports of the state. It is a hub for Angrybirdsrio Airlines, and a future hub Bryan Airlines International, & Dev Airlines.

Freeways Edit

Sander City has only one toll highway, the Morseville Turnpike which was meant to connect to Interstate 10 and Delaware Street but wasn't finished yet.

  • Interstate 10: Runs east-west through downtown, midtown, and then the western neighborhoods.
  • Interstate 97: Runs north/northwest-south/southeast from Snyder Township to Webster Township, going through western Sander City
  • Interstate 99: Runs northeast-southwest in the southern part of the city then curve towards downtown, heading North-south, turning southwest then west then turning back north to Liguria County.
  • MV 699: Plans to loop around the Greater Sander City Area

Other Major Roads Edit

Other major roads include the following:

  • U.S. Route 13
  • U.S. Route 90 (Star Tannery Road & Tazewell Portage Road)
  • State Route 1 (Thessalonica Blvd, Star Tannery Road & Cyanopolis Blvd)
  • State Route 2 (Thessalonica Blvd)
  • State Route 3 (Alexandria Blvd & Plainfield Road)
  • State Route 4 (Southwest Blvd, east of Blue Valley)
  • State Route 5
  • State Route 6 (Southwest Freeway)
  • State Route 761 (Pfalzburg Road)
  • Mecklenburg Turnpike (MV 710)
  • West Street (Future MV 1A/B)

Rail Edit

Currently, there are multiple railroad tracks in Sander City including a station in the northern part of the city.

  • Franzburg-Sander City R&R
  • Read's Corner-Sander City R&R
  • Broadway Elevated Rail
  • Southwest Elevated Rail

Gallery Edit


Panorama of the skyline of downtown Sander City from Township Line Road as of October 20, 2017.

Bloxy Cola Center

Bloxy Cola Center, home of the Sander City Frontiers, on October 28, 2018.

Sander City Skyline (2)

Skyline of Sander City from Township Line Road as of November 23, 2017.

Sander City Skyline (3)

Sander City skyline as of October 28, 2018.

Sander City Skyline

Sander City Skyline Panorama on January 21, 2019.