Quièvrecourt is a city located in Harrison County in southwestern Morseville.

History Edit

In 1654, some French colonists arrived and founded Fort Angoulème. This area was in French control until 1755, when the French also turned this over to the British, with no city renaming. Between 1810 and 1815, a large group of Bonapartist colonists from France arrived, founding the city of Quièvrecourt, naming it after a town in Normandy. Quièvrecourt became a major trading city, and its population grew steadily. Quièvrecourt soon absorbed Fort Angoulème as well.

Education Edit

Soon, there will be 3 schools.

Primary & Secondary Schools Edit

  • Odell Nash Secondary School
  • New Richmond Secondary School
  • Harrison County High School

Transportation Edit

There are a few ways of transportation in the city

Airports Edit

On January 14, 2018, Quièvrecourt's first international airport opened named, Quièvrecourt-Schwarzenburg International Airport. The airport has 9 gates, a cargo port, and one runway (Runway 22/4).

Highways Edit

  • Interstate 10: Going through Quièvrecourt across the urban area.
  • Interstate 83: A new interstate connecting SR 4 and SR 212.

Other Major Roads Edit

Other major trunkline highways include U.S. 90, U.S. 260, U.S. 521, Highway 4, State Route 32, Highway 104, and Highway 704.

Gallery Edit

I-83 Circular Turbine Interchange

Interstate 10 & Interstate 83 as of January 6, 2018.

Quièvrecourt-Schwarzenburg International Airport

Newly built Quièvrecouty-Schwarzenburg International Airport as of January 14, 2018.