Pike County is the second to the southernmost county in Southeast Morseville, with it's county seat being

Forester. Forester has a strong Angrybirdsrio presence.

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  • Interstate 99 - Bypassing Forester to the east and south and heads north
  • Interstate 399 - Heads east-west from Forester to Newport Parkway
  • U.S. 98 - Heads east-west from the everglades to Forester
  • MV 1 - Heads north-south from the US 98/I-99 interchange south of Forester and heads north into Forester
  • MV 3 - Heads north-south from MV 1/US 98 from Forester through Zephyrion
  • MV 309

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  • Fort Seneca (Under Construction)