Orchard County is a county in southern Morseville that got established in 1799.

Geography Edit

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Bodies of Water Edit

  • Wassaquaddock River

Transportation Edit

Current Major Highways Edit

  • Interstate 40: Running through Applewood and the county east-west, north of downtown Applewood.
  • Interstate 99: Running through Applewood north-south.
  • US 64: Running parallel to I-40 going east-west.
  • US 70: Running on 20th Avenue thru Applewood's south side and running semi-parallel to I-40.
  • US 74: Heads northeast until Applewood, heads eastward east of Applewood
  • MV-11: Runs through Jericho Township and into Applewood on Capitoline Avenue to 25th Avenue (Warwick Blvd)
  • MV 16
  • MV-27: Running on Broad Street and then Main Street.
  • MV-38: Running on Warwick Blvd with US 64 and US 74 in Applewood.

Proposed & Future Major Highways Edit

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Communities Edit

Cities Edit

  • Applewood (Largest City, County Seat & Capital of Morseville)

Villages Edit

  • Jericho Center (Jericho)

Townships Edit

  • Antioch Township
  • Jericho Township
  • Wassaquaddock Township

Census Designated Places Edit

  • Nashobaville

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