This page describes all of the neighborhoods within Sander City.

Downtown Edit

This would have to be the busiest district and is the main business district. This is generally south of Interstate 10 and east of Smyth Elevated Highway, and north of Arizona Street.

Midtown Edit

Midtown is the second busiest area is home to businesses and neighborhoods east of Interstate 199 and south, west, and north of downtown, also north of Arizona Street.

Southern Edit

Name Location Summary
Camden Park South of Morseville Turnpike, East & North of I-199, West of I-99 Originally named Storm Lake
Oceanview South of Arizona St, North of Thessaloncia Blvd, East of former I-99 The oldest neighborhood in Sander.

Northern Edit

Name Location Summary
Sander Beach North of Arizona St, South of Sander Beach Access Road, East of Former I-99, west of the Atlantic Ocean/Thessaloncia Blvd. The oldest neighborhood in Sander.

Western Edit

Name Location Summary
Cyanopolis Park Between Cyanopolis Blvd & US 13, also between I-10 and SR 4 (Southwest Blvd)

Southwest Edit

Name Location Summary
Airport Park North of I-99/SR 1, west of US 13, east of Oceanside Parkway, south of the Sander Business Route

North & Northwest Edit

Name Location Summary
Jupiter Woods Between West St & Township Line Rd, north of Martin Valley Road (SR 103), south of Bern Street Accquired from the OD'er invaded Valley Township to prevent the OD'ers invading east of Jupiter Avenue
Ligurian District (Valisium) South of Dixon Road, North of I-10, West of US 13, east of Township Line Road The Ligurians built their walls along US 13 and I-10 and it's ramps.
Angrybirdsria District South of Dixon Road, North of I-10, West of Cyanopolis Blvd, East of US 13 Angrybirdsrios built their defenses in this area along US 13 and the ramps.
Northside South of the Liguria-Trois Island County line, east of the Trois Island-Tazewell County line, west of I-99 and Jupiter Springs, north of Jupiter Springs & Interstate 10 Newest neighborhood of Sander City to date

West Edit

Name Location Summary
Plainfield West of I-199, South of I-10/Storm Lake Road, east of Alexandria Blvd/Township Line Road/Tours Avenue, North of Sander Business Route Accquried from the former OD'er City of Plainfield while it started to shrink. The eastern portion of Plainfield is under Sander City control as a neighborhood.
Tazewell East of Franzburg, West of Trois Island-Tazewell County Line