Morseville Route 2 is a state highway that runs for 25.10 miles in Morseville. It connects Sander City, Pacifica, and Morseville City.

Route Description Edit

In Trois Island County, SR 2 goes concurrent with SR 4 for around a mile. SR 2 heads south on Alexandria Blvd towards I-99 making it go concurrent with SR 3. Then it goes concurrent with US 13. It heads northeast, starting a concurrency with SR 1


Shield of Route 2 throughout Southern Morseville

The route continues northeast ending SR 1 at Thessaloncia Blvd in a whalebone junction.

Major Intersections Edit

The entire route is in Southeastern Morseville. This table is incomplete.

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Western Terminus
Tazewell SR 8

-Morseville City

Fletcher's Cross Roads SR 8

-Read's Corner

Lowlands SR 9
SR 7
SR 43 South Terminus for SR 43
Webster Township SR 699 Under construction
Webster SR 4 Western end of SR 4 concurrency.
Martinville CR 754

- Blue Sulphur Springs, King City

Martinsville-Alexandria City line Oceanside Parkway
Alexandria SR 6 (Southwest Blvd) Eastern Terminus of SR 6
SR 4 (Southwest Blvd)

- Sander City

SR 3 (Alexandria Blvd)

Eastern end of SR 4 concurrency. Northern end of SR 3 concurrency
Sander City US 13 Northern end of US 13 concurrency.
Interstate 99, SR 1, US 13, SR 3 Southern end of US 13, MV 1 & MV 3 concurrencies.
SR 710

(Mecklenburg Turnpike/50th Street) - Blue Valley, Tazewell Courthouse

SR 710 East Terminus
SR 1 (Star Tannery Road) Eastern Terminus