Mecklenburg Turnpike also known as Morseville Route 710 is a major highway through the Sander City Metropolitan Area and Southern Morseville.

Circle sign 710

SR 710 Shield used across Morseville.

History Edit

Mecklenburg Turnpike can be dated back in 1816, when Samuel Thomas has built a road extending from Sander City to Kempton's Vineyards. At first, it was a plank road, then years later it became brick before finally getting some parts of it paved over.

Major Intersections Edit

County Location mi km Destination Notes
Lowlands Sander City SR 4 Western end of SR 4 concurrency
Trois Island SR 4

- Webster

Eastern end of SR 4 concurrency
US 90 (Tazewell Portage Road)

-Sander City, Franzburg

Martin Interstate 10

- Sander City

Blue Valley SR 3 (Alexandria Blvd)

- Sander City, Alexandria

Jupiter Avenue
Sander City U.S. 13 & Interstate 99

- Applewood, Forester

SR 103 (Broadway/2nd Avenue)

- Downtown, Camden Park

SR 1 & SR 2 (Thessaloncia Blvd.)

- Novorossiya, Thornberry