Liguria County was the first county to get settled but the third to get established in 1898. According to the U.S. Government and the Morseville Government, Liguria County is a part of the Sander City Metro Area, despite the fact the executives of Liguria County disagrees with such. If it's the case, then Aemilianopolis would be a primary city of the metro area.

History Edit

In 76 AD, a vengeful emperor sent out a ship fleet during a storm. The ships go off course and instead arrives in Morseville.

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Transportation Edit

  • Interstate 99: Runs north-south through the county, west of US 13/SR 1.
  • U.S. Route 13: Runs north-south through the county and into Aemilianopolis
  • U.S. Route 421: Briefly entering the county to go into Tazewell County
  • MV-1: Goes concurrent with US 13 in the southern portion of the county.
  • MV-3: Goes concurrent with I-99 for most of the county.

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  • Fort Angrinopolis (Also in Trois Island County)