Jamestown is the oldest city in Morseville, first settled in 1528.

It burned down completely in 1704, and was rebuilt completely. Once the capital of Morseville, it is now a sleepy town near Mt. Viewport, accessible from U.S. 48 in Vista County. The current population is 202 as of 2016.

History Edit

In 1526, King Henry VIII of England sent a fleet of six ships to sail across the ocean, hearing about Christopher Columbus's travels. Halfway through the long journey, the ships were blown off course, and wrecked on a point of land they named Cape Tudor. They settled here, but unfortunately for them, it was Atlantic hurricane season. A storm struck the settlement with large waves and destroyed it. They saw that the mountains disrupted it, so they began to trek over the mountains and through what they named Savior Pass. They made it to the other side, continued a short distance, and founded a small settlement, which they named Henrysburg. When they built a ship and sent some men back to alert the king, he was alarmed about the disaster but decided that they could stay and it would be a colony. In 1528, the colony of Henrysburg was officially founded, about a half mile from Jamestown. But Henrysburg was forced to move a bit farther because of landslides. The new town, replacing Henrysburg, they named Jamestown. The colony was renamed to Jamestown to match.