Interstate 99, or I-99 is an interstate highway that runs 1335 miles along Morseville's length. The southern terminus is in Forester, Morseville, at the southern point of the state. The terminus is the border of Canada in Snow Valley, Morseville, the most Northern City in the state. It was formerly I-1 before it was changed in 2016.


Interstate 99 Shield across Morseville

History Edit

From 1956, Interstate 1 was planned and then built with a gap between Sander City and Applewood in Liguria County due to preserving of swamplands. It was completed by the late 1960s. In 2016, MVDOT renumbered the Interstate to Interstate 99. In early autumn 2017, Liguria County declines Interstate 99 and was routed into Tazewell County. However in November 2017, Martin Luther King Jr Expressway was getting constructed in northern Sander City and Liguria County after Liguria County approves I-99, filling in the gap. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway was also once signed as SR 699 before getting signed as I-99 in Trois Island County's section.


Interstate 1 Shield used until 2016.

Route Description Edit

Interstate 99 is maintained by MVDOT (Morseville Department of Transportation).

Forester Edit

Interstate 99 begins at US 98 at the southern coast of Forester traveling northeast until reaching I-399/US 98. I-99 then heads north around less than a mile from the coast to Sander City's southern suburbs.

Sander City & Metro Area Edit

Interstate 99 goes to the Sander Metro from the newly expanding southwest part of the area. Makes a interchange with SR 2/SR 3 (Jefferson-Davis Highway), the exit to Sander-Plainfield International Airport. SR 2/SR 1 splits from I-99 then goes over Storm Lake and goes through downtown. Meanwhile, US 13 veers off to the west of downtown Sander City. North of Sander City, Interstate 99 goes straight to Applewood meanwhile SR 1 stays along the coast. Interstate 99 veers northwest after entering Liguria County, bypassing Aemilianopolis. By then, it reaches the lower level of the Eastern Morseville Alps. By the time it reaches Finnwick County and Neapolitiania County, the highway goes deeper in the alps before reaching the peak at Neapolitiania-Nikephoros county lines.

Sander City Route Gap Edit

Before I-99 was transferred onto Interstate 10 into Tazewell County, it virtually had a gap between Sander City and Neapolis County. At one point, Liguria County opposed the interstate. As a result, Tazewell County have accepted the interstate, temporarily.

Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway Edit

Around Mid-November 2017, Liguria County accepts Interstate 99 passing through their county and construction began. This portion is called the Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway which is now finished in Trois Island County.

Applewood Edit

Interstate 99 was known as the Forester-Applewood Highway. I-99 goes from the mountain peaks to Nikephoros County, then to Orchard County where it hits Jericho Township before going straight to Applewood.

Interstate 99 in Sander

Interstate 99 over Storm Lake in Sander City.

Forto-Viewport Edit

In Fort Haggenboro, Interstate 99 have no auxiliary interstates, but MV 10 plans on going from Fort Haggenboro to Sander City, but completely bypassing Applewood, leaving MV 10 east of the mountain range.

Viewport-Canada Edit

Interstate 99 goes all the way from Viewport to Snow Valley, which includes Jacksontown and Marcville. In Snow Valley, Interstate 99 ends at the 1335th mile at the Canadian Border. However, due to the completion of Interstate 92 (also known as the Northern Turnpike) up to I-99, I-99 is shortened to Interstate 92 in Canadian County.

Exit list Edit

County Location mi km Exit Designations Notes
Pike Forester 0 0 1 U.S. Route 98 Incomplete interchange; Northbound exit, southbound entrance
2.1-2.25 3.38-3.62 2A/B Interstate 399/US 98 Interstate 399 Western Terminus
Currituck Crawford Township 105 Future MV 12 Proposed
Trois Island-Currituck Thorn River 105.9-106.2 170.429-170.912 DuPont Bridge
Trois Island Snyder Township 107.1-107.4 172.361-172.844 107A-B SR 406 Under Construction; likely to be renumbered Exit 107A
107.2-107.6 172.522-173.165 Interstate 97 Exit 107B; Under Construction
Winchester Township 108.1-108.3 173.970-174.292 108A-B Oceanside Parkway Exit 108A; UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Novorossiya 108.6 174.774 SR 1 (St. Petersburg Blvd) - Sander-Alexandria International Airport Exit 108B
Sander City 109.3 175.901-176.304 109 US 13, SR 2, SR 3, SR 1

(Smyth Blvd)

109.6-110.05 176.384-177.108 110A-D Georgia St Exit 110A
SR 103 (Arkansas St) Exit 110B
SR 4 (Southwest Avenue & SR 710 (Mecklenburg Turnpike) Exit 110C
Interstate 10 Exit 110D
111.07 178.75 111A Township Line Road & US 90 (Star Tannery Road)
111.3-111.5 179.12-179.442 111B SR 699
Liguria Angrinopolis 111.9 180.086 112A SR 1 Southern end of MV 1 concurrency
Aemilianopolis 112.3-112.5 180.729-181.051 112B SR 3 & SR 1 (Plainfield Road) Southern end of MV 3 concurrency.

Northern end of MV 1 concurrency.

Orchard Jericho Township 347.9 559.891 347 MV 11 (Zehrender Road)
Applewood 349.08 561.661 348 US 64, US 74, MV 38, MV 11, US 70 BYP. (Warwick Blvd)
349.56 562.56 349 US Hwy. 70 TO SR 27

(20th Avenue)

- Applewood Metropolitan Airport

350.05 563.35 350 Interstate 40 Signed as 350A (east) and 350B (west); Exit 100 on Interstate 40
351.02 564.91 351 MV 27

(Front St)

Canadian American River City 1334.01 2146.88 1334 MV 98

- American River City, Snow Valley

Snowdale Township 1334.58 2147.798 1335 Interstate 92 (Northern Turnpike)