Interstate 97 is an interstate highway that runs from Currituck Courthouse in Currituck County to I-99 in Snyder Township, located in Trois Island County. Currently, I-97 is under construction north of MV 1. Ever since the late 1950s, Morseville planned Interstate 97 go run from Cliffside City to Currituck Courthouse.

Exit List Edit

There are no numbered exits currently.

County Location mi km Exit Destinations Notes
Currituck Morseville Beach SR 12 (10th Street)
Etheridge Township Ninemile Bridge Road Closed in January 2019, replaced by 10th Street Exit.
Trois Island Snyder Township SR 1 North (Novorossiya Pkwy)

- Novorossiya

Winchester Township-Sander City line Interstate 99 - Waynesboro,


Under Reconstruction
Queen City SR 6 (Southwest Freeway)

- Sander City,

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Under Construction
Webster Township SR 5 (Calhoun Road)

- Calhoun,


Under Construction
Lowlands Interstate 2 -Sander City,


Under Construction
Interstate 10 -

Sander City, Quièvrecourt,

Under Construction
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