Currituck County is a county in southeastern Morseville, with it's courthouse being the county seat currently. Currituck County is a part of the Sander City Metro Area.

Geography Edit

Adjacent Counties Edit

Transportation Edit

  • Interstate 97: Runs north-south to and from the county's court house
  • Interstate 99: Runs north-south to and from Sander City in Trois Island County
  • U.S. Route 13
  • MV 1
  • MV A1A
  • MV 3
  • MV 12
  • MV 799

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Towns Edit

  • Currituck Courthouse (County Seat)
  • Morseville Beach

Townships Edit

Charter Townships Edit

Civil Townships Edit

  • Etheridge Township
  • Knapp Township
  • Crawford Township
  • Powell Township